SHIELD BASH GR85+ (Defensive version)

Shield Bash GR85+ (Defensive HC viable version) Crusader Build

Hello guys!

This is the second version of the build and it uses all “basic” shield bash things like the Flail of the Ascended, Final Witness as well as Justice Lantern + Unity.

Back in the day, we had no Flail of the Ascended, so we used Furnace + Piro Marella instead. It was quite an easy, straighforward setup. Now it’s a little more complicated.

What’s the difference with the Offensive” version?

1) High block chance, around x4 more sheet toughness (HC viable)

3) Around 25% less trash damage, and 75% less elite damage. This looks like a big difference, but since you don’t die much, the gameplay is much smoother and the uptime is much higher. So the difference is not as big as it seems. I cleared GR83 with this build and GR85 with the Offensive version. It all greatly depends on the rift.

4) We don’t have indestructible, and so, can die from one-shots. Not HC friendly, but still viable since there’s a lot of toughness!

5) We can drop Finery for Indestructible, but will immidiately lose 15% of damage + ALSO 10% less toughness. (can do for HC)

6) Dropping Hold Your Ground for Indestructible will be the same 15% less damage + ALSO 54% less toughness! Absolutely forbidden!

7) Gogok can be used instead of Esoteric if you don’t die much.

8) The gameplay is very smooth since we don’t use generator.

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