Few years ago there was a powerful build used on Hardcore: a Poet’s Pen Volatile Dead Hierophant. Tanky dude with massive spell leech, 8k life and a lot of endurance charges..I  memorized the build and wanted to try and recreate it with the Spellslinger support, as VD is surprisingly popular once again. 

Another reason for this build is that i ALMOST created a VD Inquisitor build back in the day, but could not defeat Uber Elder and after several nerfs to Volatile Dead i gave up and ended up with a lot of “dead” footage. Not that i wanted to reuse it, but i wanted to bring back the whole idea of using Volatile Dead and Templar as well. 

On top of Volatile Dead, there is a DETONATE DEAD as well, which does 50% more damage than VD and really really help melting massive packs and bosses as well. 

The result was actually great and even though it was not AS TANKY as before, because of the nerfed Warlord’s Mark and leech in general, it still works and I finished all content including Sirus 8.


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