GLACIAL SHOCKWAVE HAMMER Berserker Path of Exile Build

Hello and welcome to probably one of the least played melee skill in Path of Exile melee patch!

If you are still here, then i guess you wanna see how is it, to play a TRULY MELEE build?
Glacial Hammer is one of these “rare” skills that i never played, so in 3.7 i decided i am gonna give it a try after playing Ice Crash for a while. It was an easy switch, and on top of that i could use the new SHOCKWAVE support. The result was actually an interesting, yet contradicting experience. The tankiness, single target and aoe are decent, but Uber Elder fight was the hardest ever for me. And not because of damage or sustain, but because of absolutely tiny melee range on top of new “animation cancelling”. Sometimes you just don’t hit because you are not close enough or cancel your hit and don’t even realize what was the problem. And if you hit air you lose mana too 🙂
So all in all it’s a solid setup with very decent damage and superb tankiness. But if you are used to clearing screens with MELEE cyclone aoe then this build is definitely not for you, because are literally facing danger face to face. This is a very PERSONAL build 😉
This is a ONE PUNCH MAN build!

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