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Super hyped to present you my first ever Last Epoch build guide!


I’ve played Warpath back in the early Alpha days and was ready for Beta to give a second look. Spinned through all content and over 100+ waves without any broken items, exploits or abusing abnormal mechanics.

This build gives a solid amount of sustain and necessary damage to destroy all content.

Passive Skills / Master Classes / Early Levelling

Start with the Sentinel and prioritize: Juggernaut, Relentless, Retaliation

I’ve levelled from scratch, not having anything, and since there’s no trade or multiplayer at the moment i will be doing builds with such in mind. Grab whatever you have and spec into life regeneration, chance to find more flasks and such, to stay alive.

However, i’ve used a lot of Hammer Throw during the process and it’s a great cheap dps skill when you are out of mana. Helped me a lot till i got Volatile Reversal.

As soon as you get Void Knight, start stacking leech, health and damage: Abyssal Endurance, Sorow and Steel, World Eater, Plate Spikes, Doom Knight, Woe, Dread

The last one (60+ level) would be Forge Guard And Paladin

Paladin Comes first with Conviction

And Forge Guard for Hardened or block

Active Skills

  1. Warpath
  2. Erasing Strike
  3. Lunge
  4. Devouring Orb
  5. Rebuke


Warpath is your WHIRLWIND from Diablo 2. Spin2Win before all around is dead.

prioritize: Reckless Combatant, Parrying Spin, Dark Nexus, Unbound Storm

Erasing Strike

Erasing Strike is a juicy one-shot blow that kills all trash and gives mana back.

prioritize: Merciful, Prophet’s Onslaught, Certain Erasure, Apophian Tactics, Mana Absorbtion


Lunge is Dashing Strike monk-like skill. Also a massive protection buff

prioritize: Tactician, Forge On, Unstoppable, Lunging Might, Rallying Charge

Devouring Orb

OBEY THE ORB. Keep one or two hovering at all times. 60% increased ALL damage + other juicy buffs and debuffs.

Void Adept, Abyssal Juggernaut, Hollow Orb


Rebuke offers exceptional buffs to sustain these high Arena waves!

Press once and your buffs remain for 4 seconds.

Regenerative Shell, Augmented Plating, Brave the Elements, Burst of Speed, Solemn Vow


For gear, i would currently prioritize 2H for a high crit chance.

Weapon with high melee Physical Damage, +crit chance, high attack rate, void melee damage, melee damage leeched as health

Other gear mostly attack speed, physical damage, crit chance / multiplier, elemental protection, health, movement speed.

And uniques

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