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This is my fourth Last Epoch build and the most levelled character to date as well. 89+ and still going. A resemblance of a Hammerdin from Diablo 2 and 3. Strong and effective!

There are plenty of “Hammerdin” builds out there and there will be billions more as time goes by.

After certain amount of testing i came up with an unorthodox way to play it, by using the unpopular Avatar of the Spire node, throwing 9 hammers at a time in a nova. It is much faster for clearing all content, yet also comes with some cons as well. Everything is in the VIDEO, so check it out!

Finished at 140+ waves for now and died to a classic one-shot explosion. I just don’t like Arena and honestly ain’t gonna push unless some checkpoint system is introduced. Monoliths are endless at this point.

This build utilizes Hammer Throw skill as a main damage dealer as well as multiple buffs and debffs.

What are the pros of using Avatar of the Spire?

  1. 9 hammers thrown in a nova per attack. Reliably hits almost everything on screen
  2. much faster for clearing all trash monsters and not-so-tanky rares, because projectiles reach monsters faster and deal damage / per attack faster


  1. Urzil’s Pride is required if you want to invest into full dps mode with both Orbit+Spiral and Enra’s Technique. Hard to maintain mana and to mindlessly spam skill
  2. Less boss damage, because your hammers hit less often at close range, compared to spiraling ones
  3. leech rate against bosses is also much lower. With Nova you hit once per attack, with Spiral your hammers can hit multiple times per “rotation”.

Passive Skills / Master Classes / Early Levelling

Start with the Sentinel and prioritize: Juggernaut, Relentless, Retaliation. With the last being Iron Mastery

I am mostly levelling from scratch, not having anything, and since there’s no trade or multiplayer at the moment i will be doing builds with such in mind. Grab whatever you have and spec into pure health and throwing attack damage and physical damage. Grab strength and dexterity gear when possible.

Riverband Grasp, however, is the best thing you can get early on:

Start using Hammer Throw early on!

As soon as you get Forge Guard, start stacking Strength, Dexterity and Throwing Attack Damage / Speed. Later – critical strike chance and multiplier

Prioritize: Prime Fighter, Peltast, Weapon Mastery, Hammer Head, Javelineer

At about level 55+ you can go to the Paladin tree to grab that juicy Conviction

After level 65+ it’s time to invest into END-GAME dps through the Void Knight passives

Prioritize: Abyssal Endurance, Sorrow and Steel, Void Corruption, Void Bolts

You will also unlock Devouring Orb now and can start levelling it up!

Active Skills

  1. Hammer Throw
  2. Ring of Shields
  3. Rebuke
  4. Lunge
  5. Devouring Orb

Before you get Devouring Orb, you can also use Ring of Shields skill as an additional layer of defense.

Hammer Throw

All your damage!

Like i mentioned above, i tried Orbit and Spiral and didn’t like winding it up all the god damn time, so i went for the ONE PUNCH route!

prioritize: Catapult, Avatar of the Spire, Iron Spiral, Zealot’s Conviction, Rapid Throw, Hammer Vortex, Enra’s Technique, Mana Starved Forging. BALLISTA is very important as well!

Ring of Shields

Your passive boost and additional defense and healing. Since Holy Aura is unreachable now, we will have to use this of Vengeance for additional defense.

prioritize: Reinforcement, Healing Shields, Phalanx, Defensive Shields


Insane defensive boost for 4 seconds. You need to MAKE SURE it’s UP ALL THE TIME!

prioritize: Regenerative Shell, Augmented Plating, Brave the Elements, Protective Legacy, Solemn Vow


Your legs, and additional boosts to both strength and defense!

Prioritize: Tactician, Forge On, Unstoppable, Lunging Might, Rallying Charge, Ambush

Devouring Orb

End-Game DPS and defense after 65+. Make sure you have at least 1 orb somewhere, all the time.

Prioritize: Void Adept, Abyssal Juggernaut, Hollow Orb, World Rot.


For gear, i would strongly prioritize 1 Hander + Shield as you can get additional Throwing Attack Damage on a shield + decent block chance to stay alive.

Prioritize everywhere: Throwing Attack Damage, Strength, Dexterity, % health, flat health, void / necrotic protection.

% Leech on the amulet is mandatory EARLY ON to stay alive.

Also Bleeding Heart is a rare find, but who knows… maybe you are the lucky one.

One Hander with as much critical strike chance (global, not MELEE!), crit multiplier (global, not MELEE!) and stun chance (global, not MELEE!). Craft Chance to Slow for best defense!

TWO ring with -3 mana cost are mandatory for end-game.

The rest are mostly throwing attack damage, strength, dexterity, armour, glancing blow, health, void protection.

Riverbend Grasp are still best gloves if you don’t have a good rare pair.

Ideally you need a relic with a Radient Crest base.

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