Bleed Bow is probably one of the most popular Gladiator builds out there. What makes it so great?

Few things. Great clearspeed with built-in “pop” effect because of Gladiator’s explosive ascendancy. Good tankiness as you can stack armour, some block, and a lot of chaos resistance. With the addition of Assailum helm, introduced in Delirium league, single target has also become great with Puncture. The build carries hard through any league and it makes it one of the few best league starters available as well.

What makes my build unique and different from the rest? The first and foremost is that i took the block route and reached 75% full block.When i started playing i noticed that Divine Flesh alone  was not good enough to keep me healthy and in one piece, especially after the nerf it took.

I also gathered quite some armour here, invested in leech and chaos resistance. So you are probably looking at the TANKIEST possible variation of the build. Does it mean i am ZDPS? Absolutely not, the damage is more than enough. Actually more than more than enough! Check the videos!

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