IMPALE CHAMPION Path of Exile Build (Any Physical Sword Skill) Blade Flurry / Cyclone / BladeStorm / Cleave

For quite some time i wanted to create an introductory, newbie friendly, melee oriented build. A build which does not require any in-depth game knowledge and anyone can use and adapt for their own needs.

Champion is an easy source of damage and tankiness. He taunts everyone ignoring accuracy and monster evasion and gives a solid 100% impale chance without any investment, making him a perfect candidate for “all around” build. He also has higher armour than a Gladiator and gains Adrenaline on Low Life, healing almost instantly to full life while boosting himself. 

Originally i went with Gladiator, but block didn’t work as good as i thought against DELIRIUM explosions, so i had to switch to a more “tankier” Champion and it was a good choice.

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