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This is my second build, and the most played class to date. Reminiscent to classic Diablo 2 summoner we will be controlling the dead, manipulating corpses and trying not to die.

This build utilizes every minion type that’s available: skeletons, golem and wraiths! We will have at least 30 minions on screen at a time, and in most situations even 50-60 is possible.

Passive Skills / Master Classes / Early Levelling

Start with the Acolytel and prioritize: Blood Aura, Mania of Mortality

I’ve levelled from scratch, not having anything, and since there’s no trade or multiplayer at the moment i will be doing builds with such in mind. Grab whatever you have and spec into life regeneration for now, increased health and chance to find more flasks. Armour + Void Protection on top, to stay alive.

Mark for Death and Harvest are solid skill to play with early on!

As soon as you get Necromancer, start stacking more minion damage and health as well as some Ward for yourself: Risen Army, Embrace the Grave, Cursed Blood, Soul Drinker, Putrid Retribution, River of Bones. The rest can be seen on picture

The last ones (70+ level) would be Sharpened Souls for Necromancer and Crippling Insight on the Lich tree

Active Skills

  1. Summon Skeleton
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Summon Bone Golem
  4. Summon Wraith
  5. Rip Blood

Summon Skeleton

Skellies are very good for everything, but are very fragile in end-game. Melt well against void and necrotic monsters. Skeleton Warriors are also useless in end-game (for now).

prioritize: Brittle Legion, Deathly Ambition, Sentinels of Death


Sacrifice with the Catalyst of Horror and Blood Wraith nodes allow you to chain explode your minions and turn them into JUICY, BLOODY Wraiths. They last a long time and usually arrive in a pack of 20-30 if you had enough plebs to explode. Overall they are not necessary, but do help a lot in the Arena and toughest encounters where extra firepower is needed.

Biggest problem here is to keep Skeletons alive, because they are expensive to recast and easily can be sucked into chain explosion along with the normal Wraiths. Just try to keep them separate from the rest of the pack.

prioritize: Blood Wraith, Crimson Horror, Catalyst of Horror

Summon Bone Golem

He is literally a walking buff and a bag of HP. Just make sure he’s alive and running

If you explode him through Sacrifice, make sure you resummon him first. Skellies next.

prioritize: Unnatural Seed, Alamgam of Primalists, Hunger

Summon Wraith

Your main powerhouse. Infinite Damage. Death Patrol

If you have less than 10 minion crit chance then i recommend to spec into crit wraiths with Dawn of the Fall and Dusk of the Living on the left side of the tree. This will give you enough firepower early on.

Prioritize: Stygian River, Delay the End

Rip Blood

Some healing, mana recovery and a 30% minion Buff as well.

Go to: Mana Feast, Splatter Blood, Hemophagy


For gear, i would strongly prioritize 1 Hander + Shield.

Prioritize everywhere: Minion Health, Minion Damage, Minion Physical Damage, Minion Crit Chance / Multiplier

Reach of the Grave is OP for both Skeleton Mages and Archers, but does nothing for Wraiths and Skeleton Warriors or Golem.

None of these uniques are required, but Wand is incredibly powerful.

One Hander with at least 50% minion damage will provide equal damage to all minions though, and is a thing to look for.

Other stats mostly to survive: health, void protection, elemental protection, armour,

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