Angry Roleplayer FAQ

So who is Angry Roleplayer in general?

I am a 37 years old video game enthusiast, RPG maniac, content creator, video game collector and a true nerd. In May 2016 i started posting youtube videos and this is when it all started.. I’ve been doing written diablo guides and builds for community for over 5 years, but kept it low profile and never had a chance to do videos. So with youtube it’s kind of EXPLODED lol. 

I’ve been a huge RPG fan since i was a kid and spent countless hours in text-heavy RPGs both “eastern” and “western”. Planescape: Torment, Shining Force, Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, Dungeon Keeper, Final Fantasy VII are my all-time favorite games (just a few). I wrote a lot of RPG reviews for the last years for the local sites.

Why are you Angry?

Well, even though i am not angry 100% of time, i still get frustrated easily, mostly to random things in games and imperfections attached to them. I am a “completionist” by nature, so i prefer digging really really deep, and in the process i usually uncover all the dust, find all the flaws and provide honest feedback and share experience.

Why are you Roleplayer as well?

Good question. Because RPGs are awesome! I started playing RPGs when i was around 13-14 years old i think. These deep stories, twists, swords and magic. I was instantly hooked by RPGs and DND in general. Even though i do play other genres as well (huge Starcraft and Quake fan as well), RPGs are what i do the most. It’s depth, diversity,  and replayability that attracts me i guess. In RPG you can play one game for 100+ hours and still have fun and find something new. With other genres it’s just not gonna happen in most cases. 

Do you have a job and life? 

I have a life, i don’t have a full-time normal “job” anymore though, but i do have part-time sometimes. I quitted my full-time office job on 31 of May 2017 and started a video game “career” on June 1st 2017. Video games are all i do now, full time streaming, full time youtube content creator. This is once in a lifetime experience and adventure for me and you can read about it more on my patreon page. 

What kind of gamer you are?  

Like i said earlier : Usually i am a completionist. I play all classes. I look up every corner. I explore all maps. I open every fucking chest. I gather all loot. I test every skill. I find every imperfection and flaw that is hidden. This is simply what i am. Most of the time running through game just once is not enough for me. I need to have all the answers. So, usually i spend a lot of time theorycrafting new wicked builds, trying combinations of skills, and so on…

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