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Hello, and first of all thank you very much for your support!

If you enjoy my work you can support me in multiple ways!

Donations will help me improve content and survive as a full-time streamer and content creator! Without your support it’s impossible to keep going.

1) Twitch Subscription. For 4.99$ per month you will get a custom emotes on stream as well as a highest quality bitrate! And much more to come!
2) Paypal button on the left.
3) Patreon button on the left. It has monthly donation subscription and is pretty much like twitch partner program with additional benefits. You will get exclusive content from me, sneak peak into upcoming videos, custom discord role, and more! This is like a circle of friends who are interested in more exclusive content. This is the only way to get behind the scenes of my work!
4) Direct Twitch donation which will count towards my current twitch donation goal + it will be voiced and read on stream if i am LIVE at the moment.

4) Send cheers with BITS on twitch!

5) Click fucking ADs once in a while (disable ADblock to see them lol) as well as watch my youtube videos!

6) Buy my merch! I have really cool t-shirts and mugs with custom designed logo!

7) Check game deals on HUMBLE BUNDLE! They have sick stuff, cheaper than steam sales!

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2 thoughts on “Donations & Support”

  1. Wanted to say THANKS! for all the fun playing your Summoning Specter build on POE. Also, thanks for standing behind your builds in the forum – patiently answering my noob questions. I threw a little cash your way using your Donate button – just because I think your such a valuable asset to the POE community!

    I do have a small question/request: when I first played POE, I really liked an old SRS-based build. From what I’ve read lately, I know SRS’s never be “end game” but I found playing them hilariously fun – especially with a good sound system turned up loud! Since I’m more of a casual player and never really delve into much of the end game content anyways:

    Can you recommend a decent SRS build that could handle “most” POE content – or dare I ask for you to use your extensive POE knowledge to design a tanky, kitemaster who uses SRS as its major attack?

    Many thanks!

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