TOTEMS SHAMAN Last Epoch Build

Hey folks!

This is my third Last Epoch build and the most levelled character to date as well. 88+ and still going. IT’S FAR BETTER THAN EXPECTED!

This build utilizes 2 totem types, Wolves and a Spriggan. Totems do the most damage, while Wolves finish wandering monsters and Spriggan provide boosts.

Overall a pretty balanced and strong build.

Passive Skills / Master Classes / Early Levelling

Start with the Primalist and prioritize: Natural Attument, Wisdom of the Wild, Ancient Call is important for end-game

I am mostly levelling from scratch, not having anything, and since there’s no trade or multiplayer at the moment i will be doing builds with such in mind. Grab whatever you have and spec into pure health and minion damage.

Start using Thorn Totem as early as possible, as well as Fury Leap and Summon Wolf

As soon as you get Shaman, start stacking more minion damage and attunement: Shamanic Infusion, Ancient Stones, Storm Shaker, Protective Circle for void/necrotic protection boost. Elemental Shrines is yet another source of Attunement which buffs your totems.

The last ones (70+ level) would be min-maxing minor nodes and taking Soul’s Attendant in the Druid tree as well as Vale Warrior.

Active Skills

  1. Thorns Totem
  2. Fury Leap
  3. Storm Totem
  4. Summon Wolf
  5. Summon Spriggan

You can also use Summon Sabertooth for the early game, when your Thorns Totems would be rather weak.

Thorns Totem

Most of your damage. They scale with minion damage, minion physical damage, totem damage and attunement.

I tried everything here, even gas nodes. Since only 1 thorn can hit 1 enemy at a time from 1 totem, additional projectiles are not important, as well as heat seaking and narrow cone. You only need raw damage for now, otherwise your totems will be weaker than the wolves.

prioritize: Forested Expanse, Grove Mind, Ancient Power, On Astral Winds, Impale

Fury Leap

Your movement skill.

Make sure you leap often to get a Warrior’s Entrance buff as well as relocate your wolves out of VOID death.

prioritize: Warrior’s Entrance, Pack Leader, Crushing Impact, Crater

Storm Totem

Storm Totem has been greatly buffed in recent patches and finally does decent damage as well as does not die in 1 hit! Massive AOE!

prioritize: Icicles, Direct Current, Shockfury

Summon Wolf

Wolves do decent amount of damage, as well as kill random small monsters just fine. They also get a decent MELEE minion damage boost through the Fang unique amulet.

Unfortiunately, outside of Beastmater master class and passives, they have low base life, low regen, the usual “no void protection” and even 12% physical leech does not help them to live long enough in higher waves or against heavy nectoric/void damage. So they are mostly a boost for totems for the end-game.

Prioritize: Rise of the Wild, Legendary Bite, Savage Hunters

Summon Spriggan

Spriggan is mostly a healing dude and a walking minion damage boost. His AI is terrible and he usually wanders around and aggros all monsters, so drag him with A, unless a fix comes.

Sabertooth is another strong option here. Very tough minion with good damage and strong spells. Used him a lot. You can spec him in different ways too, i went with the Ice Tiger for higher freeze chance and more crowd-control via Frost Nova.

For Spriggan: Aura of Life, Aura of Retribution, Aura of Loyalty

For Sabertooth: Frost Fang, Northwind


For gear, i would strongly prioritize 1 Hander + Shield.

Prioritize everywhere: Minion Health, Minion Damage, Minion Physical Damage, Attunement, % health, flat health, void / necrotic protection.

Reach of the Grave is a great, cheap and easy option for totems but it does nothing for wolves.

None of these uniques are required, but Wand is incredibly powerful early on.

One Hander with at least 50% minion damage and 50% physical damage will provide equal damage to all minions though, and is a thing to look for.

Doublet of Onos Tull is a huge boost for all damage.

Fang is very useful in end-game although i prefer Death Rattle for extremely high crit.

Eterra’s Path is optional, and good rare boots are still very good!

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