Just when 3.7 launched i really wanted to play reworked Cleave with Ahn’s Might.Once i started and got to maps though, i quickly faced the reality of SHITTINESS that Cleave is. It’s just bad and reworked threshold jewel does not fix it :(So i’ve started looking for options WHAT ELSE can work with my original plan to use Ahn’s Might and Berserker and stumbled upon Ice Crash and OMG it just perfectly fits! AOE! Great single target! Fantasic eye cancer effects! P E R F E C T!This build is balanced around offense and defense. Berserker in general is very glass cannon and can be very frustrating to play through rippy League content. Esepecially if you are a new player. So after decent amount of experiments i came to an optimized balanced setup which allows you to sustain most incoming hits while dealing enough damage to destroy pretty much everything.

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