LIGHTING ARROW/BARRAGE Deadeye Path of Exile Build

Lightning Arrow was always a popular choice for levelling, but rarely was it used in the end-game. I kind of fell in love with LA during my Kinetic Blast levelling process (went from level 1 to 85 on LA) and decided i am gonna min-max it and push through Uber Elder and all content to see where “borders” are. Actually they are nowhere to be seen! lol. The build does not struggle anywhere and just breezes through all content including Uber Elder and such. It has same speed as Tornado Shot, can be MF just as Tornado Shot, and at the same time can kill Uber Elder not-as-any-Tornado-Shot while being cheaper as noone gives a damn about lightning jewels. 
But the best part is the whole smoothness of the build.You literally take a skill at level 12 and progress through the WHOLE game! It is literally one of the best bow league starters i’ve ever played and can totally recommend to any new players who want to try bow skills!

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