LAST EPOCH Beta: First Impressions.. well worth it for what it is!

Last Epoch Beta has been out for 3 days and sucked me in like a drug. Levelled up to 72 as Void Knight, 31 hours in, and tasted every little bit of the game so far, including end-game content and crafting. Let me tell you what i liked and what not!


Hey guys! This is a complete walkthough of pre-alpha demo of Last Epoch as a VOID KNIGHT. Check it out for lots of action and in-depth look of how the game works! They launched kickstarter as well!

LAST EPOCH new Action RPG Review (Pre-Alpha)

Last Epoch is a pretty neat new ACTION RPG from Eleventh Hour Games. It’s still in alpha and guys are launching Kickstarter on 17th April to fund stuff further on. Looks a lot like a mix of Path of Exile, Diablo 2 and Grim Dawn.
You can download playable demo for free from their Discord as well.

PS: Thanx for surprising donation, Matt! :DDD