[PATH OF EXILE] When will i update my BUILDS?

Since none of builds have been updated yet i wanted to explain myself a bit

[PATH OF EXILE] Why i play less and less POE. Trading, clutter, carpal tunnel, boring end-game

Wanted to do this video a long long time and would be very cool if you watch it till the end! Also let me know in the comments how you feel about POE and if you play more or less.

[PATH OF EXILE 3.14] EMPYREANGAMING compares POE to African people. An ELITIST and a RACIST?

Original reddit post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/msh7ud/empyreans_opionion_on_his_streamer_priority/

[PATH OF EXILE 3.14] Streamer Priority. GGG pays for Tweets..?? SHROUD plays POE for $$$.

Hello guys. Let’s talk about strange streamer priorities, weird marketing and SHROUD playing POE!