SHIELD BASH GR90+ (Offensive version)

Shield Bash GR90+ (Offensive version) Crusader Build

Hello guys!

First of all i am not a big fan of Shield Bash in general, but i know there’s plenty of SB players out there who really enjoy the gameplay. So in the absense of optimized SB builds out there, let me help you with this guide.

Credits for this version also go to lotsofbeets , cause i thought the old version of the build is long dead.

This is the “offensive” version of the build and it uses all “basic” shield bash things like the Flail of the Ascended, Furnace, Final Witness and also Unity with Focus and Restraint.

Back in the day, we had no Flail of the Ascended, so we used Furnace + Piro Marella instead. It was quite an easy, straighforward setup. Now it’s a little more complicated, because if we want to use Furnace we can only select one shield since Flail of Ascended is mandatory.

Overall this setup is an “old” setup and is almost unchanged to what it used to be 3 years ago.

Spread the word!