Istvan’s WHIRLWIND GR100+

Istvan’s WHIRLWIND GR100+ Barbarian Build

Whirlwind got a decent buff in patch 2.6.1 and gained around +10 levels. Now it BLENDS EVEN BETTER! Wrath of the Wastes set got a buff, Skull Grasp got a boost and Bul-Kathos’s mighty weapons got buffed too, now we can drop Weapon Master and spin with all offensive passives!

ISTVAN’s version of Whirlwind uses Lightning rune for Fury generation.
Overall the difference is in both movespeed and single targert damage. ISTVAN’s move much slower now but hit single target harder than Bul-Kathos.
To cut it short = Whirlwind is easy to learn, but hard to master :)

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