Twitch SUB BUTTON HYPU & I fell ILL :(

Hello everyone! Some good news and bad news!
First of all SUB BUTTON is there! I am glad it all happened so sudden just when i clicked that “become twitch affiliate”.
Bad news: Cannot stream to youtube anymore. This is very bad, because i have over 3k subs here and i know for a fact that people watch me on youtube a lot. But please, follow me on twitch and twitter if you want to actually see my stream from now on. It was just a matter of time before it turned out this way, just earlier than i thought indeed!
More bad news: my girl fell ill at the beginning of the week and i followed… a bit later of cause. So i could not use mic and it was pointless to turn on webcam as well cause i cannot talk a lot lol. So there were very silent streams this week. Hopefully i’ll get better and stronger next week!