T16 INFUSED BEACHHEAD. How much harder and more XP compared to T15 Beachhead? – Path of Exile

Decided to run a new INFUSED beachhead and find out!

Path of Exile Heist League is STILL in BETA after 1 month!

Plenty of annoying bugs guys!! 1 MONTH IN THE LEAGUE!!

NEW, deadly Volatile in PoE Heist League. One-shots through everything!

This thing is absolutely insane.

Path of Exile physically hurts me with so much clicking and micromanagement. 4000 Upvotes on Reddit!

Wow, didn’t expect POE reddit to be so united this time!!! Absolutely speechless! https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/jaxkbi/too_much_inventory_micromanagement_and_clicking/

First Sirus of Path of Exile Heist League feat. Budget Golemancer

Hey folks! Finally tickled Sirus a bit. Was EZclap.png indeed, but thought there would be issue with minions’ survival. Luckily not. Build shapes up nicely.