Path of Exile: 100 ANCIENT ORBS HEADHUNTER GAMBLING. Insane profit or waste of Curency?

We go agane! 😀 Last time i did it in Blight league and decided to waste 20+ exalts in Heist as well 😉

ANGRY ROLEPLAYER’s 2016-2020 Diablo III & Path of Exile Builds and Guides Retrospective V3.0

Retrospective on all my Path of Exile builds and Path of Exile guides as well as Diablo 3 Builds and Guides ! Also my new twitch channel intro! Added 5 more builds!!


Soulwrest Necromancer is probably one of the last variations of Necromancer build i was yet to try and so finally i managed to “taste” it this league. The numbers on phantasms didn’t look promising with 20k per one and i kinda started to doubt they will be viable in end-game at all. 

Original goal was to use Phantasms for all “trash” and strong melee spectres for all “single target”. After a certain amount of experiments, investments and min-maxing it turned out to be a way better build than i expected and i managed to kill Sirus 8, Shaper and pretty much all content to my surprise.

What i’ve planned as a “fast trash mapper” transitioned into a good all-around universal build which is also very cheap. The build itself is a lot of fun and utilizes some very cool mechanics.