Betrayal AFTERTHOUGHTS & INVESTMENTS! (Path of Exile 3.5 Betrayal)

Since the league is almost done i wanted to talk a little about my experience with it as well as some investments i’ve done so far!

WINTER ORB ELEMENTALIST Thoughts, after Bossing, Mapping, Delving, etc (Path of Exile Build)

Just wanted to share some thoughts on the WINTER ORB itself, after some bossing and mapping and delving and incursioning!
If you haven’t tried WORB yet, this might be the best league starter (if no nerf of cause) for 3.6!

Second MASTERMIND! (Path of Exile 3.5 Betrayal)

Second Mastermind here.. and well it was weird! Either i am not clearly understaning the fight or it’s still bugged after 2 months.

WINTER ORB ELEMENTALIST Delve 343 with Pulsating Grotto Beyonds! (Path of Exile Build)

Let’s take a look how CRAZY FAST Winter Orb is in Delves, as well as inspect the sustain of the build in toughest BEYOND encounter!

Solarsworn Infernomages 2k19 Chimera KILL (Path of Exile Spectre Summoner Build)

Solarsworn Infernomages are weird dudes shooting wands and casting crazy amount of piercing fireballs!
Review coming soon!