First Sirus of Path of Exile Heist League feat. Budget Golemancer

Hey folks! Finally tickled Sirus a bit. Was EZclap.png indeed, but thought there would be issue with minions’ survival. Luckily not. Build shapes up nicely.

Exalt for 50c. What is happening in Path of Exile Heist League?

So you probably can’t figure out why Exalt is so cheap!! Well, let’s me explain!

Why HEIST is the BEST Path of Exile League in a long while!

Some personal thoughts on why i decided to play Heist and why i think it’s one of the best leagues fin a long time


Void Sphere is a new skill gem in Path of Exile Heist and i decided to give it a deep test in high tier content in Standard to really understand what it’s capable of. Running T16 map here with Awakening 8.

PATH OF EXILE HEIST: Day 2-3 Impressions feat. CARRION GOLEMS. They do indeed CARRY hard.

A couple more days progress after i respecced into Carrion Golems Necromancer.