Tal Rasha Manald Heal GR90+ (NO Archon)

Tal Rasha Manald Heal GR90+ (NO Archon) Wizard Build


Recent tests showed that Manald Heal damage is NOT affected by both ELITE DAMAGE (BoTP elite bonus does not work, Furnace does not work, SOJ = works!) or ELEMENTAL DAMAGE. I think this is a bug and might get fixed in the near future. Also Manald Heal damage is not affected by Arcane Torrent damage. More information here:


I do not recommend instantly salvaging your Traveler’s Pledge with Lightning, or APDs. Just have them and wait for the fix. For now, you can just use INT/CHC/CHC amulet or IAS/CHC/CHD amulet. For Bracers = you can roll allres or life on hit instead of Lightning.

As for Arcane Torrent roll on helm and boots: you can leave AT roll on boots. But replace AR roll on helm with vit.

Here’s an extra video:


PS: Keep in mind, are playing tal/vyr ARCHON you sill need a lightning roll somewhere, otherwise Archon will be arcane and won’t proc MH at all.

So far it is the BEST non-Archon build i’ve ever seen. Even though it’s based on procs, it has high damage potential and GR90+ is not a big problem to clear for most players at the end of the season. Cratic cleared GR90 at 1087 paragons. I cleared GR88 without a single death (see the video) at p1400 with mediocre gear. I believe this is the HIGHEST DPS non-archon build in existence.

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