Firebird Generator Melee GR85+

Firebird Generator Melee GR85+ Wizard Build

Hello guys!

I wanted to make a build without Archon for a long time, and finally with reworked Firebird it’s possible to do some decent damage.

Archon still does more DAMAGE (as with ANY other build), but this is whole different approach.

This is almost like a monk build in fact, lol. We turn our primary skill into GENERATOR via Shame of Delsere belt and increase it’s damage via Fragment of Destiny, Depth Diggers and Simplicity’s Strength. So, Spectral Blades are our main damage dealer here, as well as source of recovery.

If you played DMO Spectral Blade build you will be instantly familiar with it.

We are using three fire skills to maintain 4pc and 6pc bonuses. We are recovering quickly because of massive Life on Hit and Simplicity’s Strength combined with insane 100% increased attack speed. Also we are igniting and blasting elites to maintain 60 (orb)+60 damage reduction(6pc) and additional 60 via Halo of Arlyse. This is a lot of damage reduction here.

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