Firebird “Demoman” GR85+

Firebird “Demoman” GR85+ Wizard Build

Hey guys! This is the second Wizard build that i’ve personally tested in and out and prepared for 2.4.2 and also it is absolutely identical for 2.4.3!

It’s a lot of fun and quite tanky as well. I’ve experimented a lot with different skills, stats, gear and FINALLY after almost two weeks of testing i found the perfect combination that works very smooth.

This build utilizes full, reworked 2.4.2 firebird with three fire spenders and absolutely no primary skills. So this is the “all spender” caster build of pure fire and blasting.

Some stats of the builld:

up to 310% damage reduction (Flame Ward, Halo of Arlyse, firebird 6pc, orb of infinite depth, mantle of channelling, Endless Walk set, Safe Passage)

up to 40% increased fire damage (rolls on bracers and Traveller’s Pledge) + 200% from Convention of the Elements

up to 170% increased raw damage (Endless Walk set, Mantle of Channelling, Orb of Infinite Depth, Unwavering Will, Magic Weapon), and this is without legendary gems. +~105% from level 100 Bane of the Trapped + Taeguk

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