Arachyr Under <3 minutes MEGASPEED T6-T13 Speedfarming

Arachyr Under <3 minutes MEGASPEED T6-T13 Speedfarming Witch Doctor Build

It’s very fast and very straighforward. I’ve used it since 2.3, when 6pc Arachyr had much lower damage, and was not enough to one-shot elites even with 5 stacks of gruesome feast and soul harvest. Since 2.4, however, and especially 2.4.3 it works even better, with an even further boosted set. Eveything dies so quick, so fast.

Watch the video.

I tested it 2.4.1-2.4.3 and did many 40Grs under 2 minutes(!) and 45Grs under 3 minutes many times. T10 under 2 minutes absolutely possible with a good density or an open map.

Keep in mind that to do T13 with high speed and damage you need high paragon and augments. However, even high-paragon players don’t farm T13, as they mostly need GR keys and it is better to do on T11-T12 (much faster). This is where the build can compete with Helltooth Gargs.


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