Rathma’s Unholy Army GR95+ (Pets are Great again!)

Rathma’s Unholy Army GR95+ (Pets are Great again!) Necromancer Pet Build


Hello everyone!
Since i fell ill and could barely stream, i invested a lot of time in theorycrafting Necro builds and specifically Bones of Rathma.
The set itself has been nerfed and i almost lost hope that i could make it work. Luckily the working combination of skills and items is finally found.
I finally found a decent way to make the build relatively tanky in density as well as output tremendous amount of damage and refill essence steadily.
I am pretty sure the build will be copied fast and spread all over the internet, but this is no big deal, since i want everyone to have fun, we are here for it! Make PETS GREAT AGAIN!
Potential is clearly there, especially for single target. Might be even an RG killer. I easily see this going higher than GR100 based on damage output. Imagine something like 5 million sheet damage instead of 1,9.
It’s also very sad that there is no space for Army of the Dead here. I tried to fit it and even made to GR80 with it but then toughness and damage problems emerged. And Mages simply do more damage. Revive is also not great at all.

Important CHANGE 08/07/2017: With the upcoming change to 6pc Bonus (4 mages instead of 10 for full damage) Scythe of the Cycle should be used in the cube instead of Reilena! 60% more damage across the rift and almost identical damage with Simulacrum up! Borrowed Time rune for Decrepify instead of Dizzying Curse.

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