Sunwuko’s Tempest Rush GR100+

Sunwuko’s Tempest Rush GR100+ Monk Build

Hey guys!

Tempest Rush is very fun build but it’s not for everyone indeed. It’s not as strong as Raiment Gen monk or as fast as Bellwuko/LTK monk of cause, but absolutely viable.

What have changed in patch 2.6.1?

1) Balance and Cesar’s Memento were buffed

2) Sunwuko 6pc was reworked, Kyoshiro’s Soul not needed anymore.

3) Dual wielding instead of two-hander. Furnace dropped.

4) As a result = spirit cost per second increased from 36 to around 49 and now we are not channeling for “free” with OROTZ.

5) It is not uncommon to mess up cooldowns and drop stacks now and then, unfortunately because of the increased spirit costs.

6) Much harder to play now as you need to watch your cooldowns more closely as well as stack RCR and CDR. But much higher damage :)

7) As annoying as before to get fucked by Vortex, Wormhole, Jailer, Knockbacks, Nightmarish.

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