UE Grenade Generator GR95+

Unhallowed Essense Grenade Generator GR95+ Demon Hunter Build


Hey guys!
I noticed that existing guides are not 100% accurate so i decided to recreate the “META” setup for posterity. For me to check, and for you to view easily and compare. Keep in mind i am not a SUPER SKILLED DH, so i cannot showcase an impressive grift with this, but GR100 was already done in season 9 with just 1456 paragons.

Why i like this build?

1) It’s a 100% brainless generator build. You don’t need to watch Hatred or even Discipline.

2) Very easy and straightforward gameplay, unlike most spender builds. But requires skill too cause you need to move a lot.

3) Stacks stricken very fast with massive attack speed

4) Huge recovery and tankiness

What are the “problems”?

1) Damn hard to gear for (requires both ancient weapons with discipline).

2) Less AOE damage than Marauders setup in density. More speedfarming and single-target oriented

Spread the word!