Roland’s Thorns GR80+

Roland’s Thorns GR80+ Crusader Build

As you can remember in this weekly digest we present you community builds that are completely ineffective and underperforming!
This time we present you the “Horny Sweeper” build from the Angry_Roleplayer, based on both Roland’s Legacy and Thorns of the Invoker sets!
Not only this is a weird mixture, but it’s also not supposed to work at all! Strangely.. after 4 years of “perfecting the details”(as the owner says) .. somehow…it works!
At this moment Angry_Roleplayer is steamrolling impressive GR60+ in this pile of junk and does a whole set of bounties in just 2 hours and 34 minutes!

Hey guys! I hope you liked the intro :)

I present you my CRAZY Roland’s Thorns build. :)

I believe noone in the world tried this crazy combination of Thorns applied at 250% increased attack speed.

Unfortunately this build is a “fun” build and not an END GAME TOP GRIFT build absolutely, simply because Roland’s set does not benefit to thorns damage directly (like Invoker’s or Akkhan’s)

Based on my math, the build can push 85+ with p2000-2500 and augments. But i decided not to write “85+” simply because i have doubts people are gonna push it that high :)

So far i did 73 with crappy gear and no augments at p1300. I struggled a lot to do 74 but i already need some luck there.

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