Phalanx Bowmen T13 “PETSADER” Speed

Phalanx Bowmen T13 “PETSADER” Speed Crusader Build

This build is a personal favorite of mine, among all crusader builds. And i think it deserves more glory! Even though LON bomb is crazy good for both speedfarming and gr pushing, this build is also equally fast(and even FASTER with augments/higher paragon) in Nephalem Rifts and lower Greater Rifts for gem upgrades/bounty farming.

For the last two patches (2.4.1 and 2.4.2), both buffs and nerfs happened.

1) Akarath’s Champion is a global DPS multiplier (2.4.1)

2) Enforcer is a global PET’s dps multiplier (instead of additive) (2.4.1)

3) Bane of the Powerful is a global dps multiplier (instead of additive) (2.4.1)

4) Judgment -Resolved nerfed from 20% to 8% CHC (2.4.2)

5) Laws of Valor – Critical nerfed from 100% to 50% CHD. (2.4.2)

With all ancients and no augments i am steamrolling everything up to gr55-t12 in 3-4 minutes. For t13 you need more paragon (1500-2000+)\augments to be effectively strong and speedy.

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