LoN Fire Blessed Shield GR85+

LoN Fire Blessed Shield GR85+ Crusader Build


Blessed Shield is one the oldest crusader builds in existence, along with holy shotgun and fist of the heavens darklight builds. I used to play it back in the days with my Akkhan setup, but not very actively. It’s only this season when I found all necessary ancient gear to finally test the LoN version of the build. I must say it’s quite powerful, but incredibly hard to gear for. Please watch the video for full feedback and thoughts on the build.

The build cleared GR94 on console with p2500, all augments and very good gear (legit player). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd69AyNHHsE

I also would like to a add couple of things

  • Holy version of the build is around 40% weaker than fire. Simply because it’s possible to stack A LOT OF FIRE damage and not much Holy damage. I tried both of cause.
  • Akkhan setup is around 20% weaker than LON version. And this is with %Fire SOJ and no Unity. Very hard to gear too cause you need a tonn of CDR as well.

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