Akkhan’s Microwave GR80+

Akkhan’s Microwave GR80+ Crusader Build


First of all i would like to thank one of my youtube subscribers, TheLowrien for idea to use Blessed Ground for FOTF build variation. I had my doubts that it will work, but in reality it works even better and smoother than the Fires of Heaven! So, thank you, TheLowrien for this idea!

In fact Blessed Ground was used before, few ptr’s ago, when there was a major thorns bug and people were breezing through GR100+ with it. But after the fix, it was completely forgotten again.

What i like about this build is the AOE oriented-damage and very active “run around” gameplay. Also we have a flat damage reduction of Aquilas Cuirass and no wrath spender at all here. So it has much more toughness than the classic “Shotgun” version. Lastly, the gameplay feels really smooth and solid, with all skills alighned well.

GR70 was much easier to finish, than with the classic Shotgun build!

UPDATE 14/09/16: GR71 cleared with zero augments!

UPDATE 15/09/16: GR75 cleared with zero augments!

UPDATE 17/09/16: GR76 cleared with zero augments! https://youtu.be/e1vsVhPoI9A

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