Akkhan Condemn GR100+

Akkhan Condemn GR100+ Crusader Build

Hello everyone!
This is the first BRAND NEW Diablo 3 build that’s i am gonna make after a long break. Condemn is surpsisingly strong on PTR and incredibly cool to play as well. It’s a lot of action on the edge of death lol. I cleared GR100 with my version of the build, very mediocre gear and half lvl 80 augments.
UPDATE 08/12/2017:
1) leoric’s crown in cube
2) coe instead of unity
3) string of ears instead of vigilante
4) long arm of the law instead of indestructible
5) esoteric instead of mirinae

Additional info:

1) get 54% cdr for permanent akarath’s champion

2) you can swap Nemesis Bracers with Strongarms Bracers in the cube

3) COE can be used instead of Unity if you are not dying much.

Why F+R? it’s 125% instead of 100% of Endless Walk set and since you are moving all the time you can’t really proc Endless Walk effectively.

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