Akkhan Blessed Shield GR100+

Akkhan Blessed Shield GR100+ Crusader Build

Blessed Shield has made a surprising return in 2.6.1 with the buffed set and both critical legendaries. Now it’s absolutely viable and actually among the TOP builds out there!

1) Be sure to reach desired 55,6% cdr for permanent Akarath’s Champion

2) Always point your cursor at the elite inside trash packs. otherwise you will lose Akkhan’s Manacles “bonus” and it will take forever to kill elite.

3) Do not use Shield Glare against bosses, it’s pretty useless since thjey cannot be charmed (can be blinded though), better do more damage.

4) Juggernauts are not a problem.

5) Tro to avoid fightning lonely elites, it’s better fightning in density for more Akkhan’s Leniency stacks.

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