Might of the Earth SEISMIC SLAM GR100+

Might of the Earth SEISMIC SLAM GR100+ Barbarian Build


An interesting setup that is in the shadows for NOW. In fact after some extensive tests i realized that this setup has more potential than the pure MOTE Earthquake build. For a few reasons. First of all we use fully buffed Seismic Slam attack buffed by Fury of the Vanished Peak as well as Bracer of Destruction. We are mostly stationary when casting SS and we can also use Endless Walk + COE instead of Focus+Restraint to do more damage. And at the same time we are still using Blade of The Tribes and Girdle of Giants, so we just lose some recovery and toughness + 50% elite damage but gain tremendous amount of SS damage instead, for both density and single target (where EQ sucks).
I had terrible rifts all the time but crushed GR98 when i eventually got a good layout. The clear was much faster than my GR98 classic FireQuake clear, so assuming classic EQ cleared multiple 100s, this build will go even higher than that!
Also it is a rare situation where we can fully utilize two DPS skills from the 6pc bonus!

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