Path of Exile 3.8: GLACIAL CASCADE MINES destroy UBER ELDER in TRASH GEAR! (Deathless)

Still runnin in trash gear, some of these i am carrying since level 64. Under 1 ex all combined. JEEBUS CHRIST what a burst of damage glacial cascade does, literally one-shotting most bosses. I haven’t started gearing yet!

Locust of Corruption, time to put 28Q Nebuloch in! (Path of Exile Betrayal Highlight)

I’ve been taking care of these 28 quality baby Nebulochs for a reason!

Solar Guards UBER ATZIRI KILL (Path of Exile Spectre Summoner Build)

Was not very hard tbh. And i am a bad bosser too!
Used GMP and Victario’s Charity too!

Betrayal AFTERTHOUGHTS & INVESTMENTS! (Path of Exile 3.5 Betrayal)

Since the league is almost done i wanted to talk a little about my experience with it as well as some investments i’ve done so far!