Sunwuko’s Wave of Light “Fire Bells” GR100+

Sunwuko’s Wave of Light “Fire Bells” GR100+ Monk Build

Another build has returned from the season 6 abyss of mediocrity and it’s the SWK WOL, Fire Bells, BELLWUCKO or whatever you call it.. Sunwuko Wave of Light Build. The king of monk speedfarming is now also a surprising king of GRift pushing as well, with greatly buffed Sunwuko and the Torch daibo.

What have changed?

1) Sunwuko buffed from 3000% to 10000%

2) Incense Torch has been greatly buffed and now rolls with up to 550% increased Wave of Light damage

3) Spirit Guards bufffed by 20% so now they are better than unity if you use a generator

4) Now we actually use a generator!

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