Patreon update, new discord roles, new Diablo II tiers and huge THANK YOU!

Year and a half later i am still here, up and somewhat running!
Wanted to THANK YOU ALL!, as well as introduce new discord roles and huge rework on patreon tiers!
What is Patreon? A crowdfunding program, like kickstarter or gofundme or maybe indiegogo, but for content creators like me, artists and musicians of all kind. If you don’t have the time to watch me on twitch or simply don’t want to become a twitch subscriber, yet you appreciate things that i do = this is a perfect way to show your appreciation and join the UNHOLY ARMY of RAGE by spending a buck or two every month. You will get exclusive content, custom discord roles and i can even record a custom video for you!


ANGRY DISCORD server open for everyone!

Discord open for everyone!


MUSIC stream now, as well as GAMING stream!

Hey guys!

Wanted to share some news! I am streaming in the MUSIC twitch section more often now and i really hope you guys enjoyin’ it and jumping in as well!

This will keep my streaming time longer as well as hopefully attract new METAL and GAMING BROS! I really want to see some insane fucking metalheads headbanging with me on a daily basis!

Don’t forget i have community over here for all crazy motherfuckers!


IRL #3: THANK YOU EVERYONE! 1k twitch, 4k youtube subs, 400 videos, 2mill views!

Special appreciation THANK YOU video for all of you!
And a personal big thank you to Atomic_Space_Walrus for saving me from financial abyss! Please check and follow his twitch:


Twitch SUB BUTTON HYPU & I fell ILL :(

Hello everyone! Some good news and bad news!
First of all SUB BUTTON is there! I am glad it all happened so sudden just when i clicked that “become twitch affiliate”.
Bad news: Cannot stream to youtube anymore. This is very bad, because i have over 3k subs here and i know for a fact that people watch me on youtube a lot. But please, follow me on twitch and twitter if you want to actually see my stream from now on. It was just a matter of time before it turned out this way, just earlier than i thought indeed!
More bad news: my girl fell ill at the beginning of the week and i followed… a bit later of cause. So i could not use mic and it was pointless to turn on webcam as well cause i cannot talk a lot lol. So there were very silent streams this week. Hopefully i’ll get better and stronger next week!


Twitch Sub Button is there! SUPER HYPED!

I am super hyped because the SUB BUTTON is there!

Dreams Come True. Thank you twitch! And thank you all my followers!

Who will be the first sub? 😀 Who will write his name in a history?

Unfortunately youtube streaming comes to an end with this. But still this is a huge success!

Like! is up for everyone! …SURPRISE! hehe :)

Hey guys!
I am OFFICIALLY HYPED! I’ve been building my personal website for the last couple of weeks and it’s finally done and ready to go.
All Diablo builds, all guides!!! ALL HATRED and DIARRHEA in one place!

PS: Logging with any social profile automatically will subscribe you to all new posts!

Like! is up!

Welcome everyone! The website is up! This is completely selfmade, that’s why it might look like shit. But don’t worry, i really want to keep it minimalistic.

Have fun, almost all builds are here!